Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain Rain Rain Makes for a Productive Me Me Me

It's pouring the rain today and I'm loving it. I've got a bum knee, strained calf and nerve entrapment of the right quad. Joy! Oh, but it is. I awoke after another 9 hours of rest to the pounding of rain on my window. It was wonderful, the intensity ebbs and flows and I find it purely meditative creating and great work environment.

I only had to do 10 push ups yesterday for saying the secret word. And, the day before I was tricked and ended up doing an extra 30. Needless to say, I keep quiet, a rather difficult task.

All morning I've been working on speaking and book ideas and with the help of Dan Kennedy, feel like I'm actually getting somewhere.

I didn't train this morning and I am hesitant to blast my leg tomorrow with a double session but we'll see. I miss Gi training immensely and Olympic weightlifting.

Right now I'm just taking advantage of this creative flow and isolating myself in my room. It feels great to be so productive, I'm quite happy and actually don't miss training for a couple days.

I'm eager to get back home and start working on my James Malinchak coaching set that arrived a few days ago. I almost wish my boyfriend hadn't told me it was there! I also miss cooking late night snacks for my sweetie and I'm looking forward to my next concoction.

Okay, back to work, gotta get some cooking ideas going as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Injured But Not Broken and a Grilled Cheese

Today and tomorrow I'm off from training. Just like any 10 year old who feels her injury is getting better and pushes too hard because she was having fun, well, you know how the story ends. Your injury wakes up with a vengeance and now you're forced to rest.

So, today is dedicated to studying some Dan Kennedy marketing systems and ideas for a book, speaking and a cooking show. Hey, if our wrestling coach did a video series on how to cook when cutting weight for competing why can't we have a show?

Since my right knee and leg have made me a gimp and I'm holed up in my room with nothing but my laptop and a legal pad, I might as well put the time to good use. Plus squeeze in a nap too.

I never knew how much I loved to sleep until coming to Master Lloyd's to train. A two or three hour nap is oh so sweet after a heavy training session. And, sleeping 9-10 hours has become the norm.

I was also given 'Book of Five Rings' by Miyamoto Musashi to read. I've read half of it and it is quite interesting. Much more spiritual than I thought; I was ready for pure anger and blood shed and kill kill kill. I alternate reading it with my book from home 'The Way to God' by Gandhi.

The time off will be good for my mind and allow to me recharge my near dead battery. All the while I keep thinking of cooking ideas for a show. I'd like to start with the all time favorite at my home, the 1am Grilled Cheese. Why does 1am matter? Simple, I'm tired and getting ready for bed and ask my sweetie pie boyfriend if he is still hungry. I indicate that 'the kitchen' will be closing at 1am and I have enough energy to make him a grilled cheese.

Time to study and take some notes!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Few Random Pictures

This is Keenan after MMA Sparring. He's a great guy!

Great night of sparring and getting whooped. I was spared the wrist lock for many arm bars, woot woot!

I got to train with some MMA guys too! CRAZY FUN! I couldn't stop smiling. One young man said I looked like I had so much fun tonight. I immediately explained to him how frustrated I was this morning, just like him. I did some writing and studying on my own, different subjects and now just hanging with a movie. The tank is full. Goodnight. Better pics soon!

No More Wrist Locks!

Alright, I'm determined not to get wrist locked again today. Dammit, I'm just leaving my floppy ol' wrist right out there and BAM! Hurts like hell too.

After getting my whooping this morning I felt I had sunk to a bit of a low. Then, the blue belt who has been tooling me talked to me I felt way better. That and talking to my boyfriend about how no matter how much I get schooled I will come back a better athlete. Hell, I was wondering if I needed to give BJJ up and just stick to Olympic Weightlifting.

I knew this would happen, the doubt, the fear, crying; all the shit bubbling up daily and how do I deal with it. And, being in a career transition as well. How do I turn this in to a 'vacation' as someone mentioned to me earlier today. But, now, with a nap underhand and taking some time to brainstorm on some writing and speaking ideas I found peace of mind. Yes, sounds friggin' cheesy as hell but I have a deep spiritual side that needs to be tended, developed and expressed.

I'm missing the 1am feedings of my sweetie pie man! I believe the all time favorite is a grilled cheese, easy to make and he enjoys it so much. Wish I could make him one now.

Time to go back for training session number two and have some real fun and enjoy being around athletes who are pushing me! Have some fun and get some toilet paper! Chipotle napkins will do for now. At least we don't have to revert to the Coldwater Catalogue that just arrived.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday's: No More Booze!

After a hard ass week of training like a freak I thought I'd get some wine and relax with the fights last night. BAD IDEA!

Not drinking enough water and having two big glasses of wine equals a Sunday of total nausea and some more puking. Not the good kind of puking from a monstrous workout, I could only wish.

So, no more booze for me! I'm praying I'll be able to train in the morning without puking on someone.

Master Lloyd, Jimmy and JT leave Thursday for ADCC. Then, Oct. 1st is Mike Easton's fight.

Heaven, just let me live through the training. : ) The mat burns are healing and ready to be newly abraded. Cool thing, I had a mat burn on my ear and my face! Whoo Hoo!

All our training is no gi and the four gi's that I brought are making nice jackets to wear was the weather cools.

Right now I'm feeling more like a dumbass than a badass! I wish Mushin would return soon so we can talk about politics and philosophy.
Missing my gorgeous boyfriend a little now too! He's nothing but supportive and encouraging through this whole process.
Good night for now! Going to finish watching Anna Karenina.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Little Extra Rest!

I didn't write anything yesterday because I was too exhausted and sore and in a foul ass mood. Training has been great and I'm certainly learning how to train when you are extremely fatigued.

I ended up pulling my hip flexor so badly it's hard for me to run or lift me leg! UGH! I sparred last night the best I could but it was in vain. I felt bad for my partner as well.

Today was awe inspiring. We had an open mat session and I rolled one round until I decided I was truly injured and needed to sit out. I got to witness the most amazing badassery ever!

On one end of the mat the MMA team was going at it and when they weren't gloved and dawning head gear they had to run around the mat until it was their turn again. On the other end I witnessed Master Lloyd tooling everyone! Fantastic! He is such a big guy but, oh so technical.

Master Lloyd ended up giving us the night off and I was elated, with both my knees are sore and the hip being fussy, I knew my body wanted rest. I came home, ate, and slept 3 hours. Tomorrow, we have a 12pm session and rest, Sunday is the only day we don't train at all.

I think I mentioned before that the training is brutal, did I mention that the training is brutal? Everything on everyone's body hurts and we all look drained. I"m excited that I lived through a week of training with Team Lloyd Irvin even though I had to do many pushups while learning the rules of the mat.

The work ethic of the scholarship students is unlike anything I've ever seen for a a group of twenty somethings. Take for instance Sijara, she's up at 8am, goes to get Master Lloyd, works until it's time to train, trains, goes back to work, trains again, work, train, then take Master Lloyd home and she's back at the Junlge around 12pm. Same for Frank, up early, train, work, train, work and then home late. They do it six days a week.

I'm worried about training on Monday already and another ass beating. The anxiety is getting better, now to take some Advil for the aches and pains. How big can a mat burn get? Wow! I'm just laughing and wondering when I'll get used to the feeling of sandpaper being rubbed on my face!

Now, off to watch a movie that brown belt Andris recommended. That goodness for a film critic here. I've already got a long list of movies to enjoy thanks to him.
Out for now!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Redemption: Sort Of

Training tonight consisted of sweeps, one and one with your partner for about a half an hour. Then, BAM! Side control escape for an hour! No shit, I'm not kidding.

Thank you Master Lloyd for at least putting me in the top position! Whoo Hoo! Of course I'm still shitting my paints, actually speedos but I'll be doing laundry later so not a problem.

I love side control but without the Gi I found it still challenging. I got to work with another great blue belt and purple belt. They were fantastic!

Afterwards I felt slightly better considering my poor performance this morning. It was great to talk to Jimmy and JT about how to work through the fatigue. These guys are so kind hearted and always encouraging. Although they made me do 20 push ups at breakfast. Booooo!

I'm having a yummy coconut milk and banana smoothie, finishing laundry and watching The Tudors. Looking forward to tomorrow with less anxiety.

And, thank you Nyjah Easton for telling me I did great tonight! WOW!!!
Goodnight World!